Why I Dance (And The Importance Of Trying)

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A bunch of rude gals from the beautiful Erika Goldsmiths ‘Rude Girl Course’ at YCV studios.

It’s 5:47 and I’m beginning to think of excuses and reasons that seem plausible to text the organiser of this dance performance group.

‘ I’m not feeling well’

‘I have some family issues’

And the most cliche of cliche.

‘Something came up’

I have loved Latin dance since I was 16 and saw Diego Luna rotate his hips in Dirty Dancing 2: Havana nights. It was that movie, as cliche as it sounds, that prompted my  friend and I to start taking private Latin Ballroom classes at the time.

Taking risks as a teenager, always came that much easier. But as an adult, and with a constant stream of senseless thoughts pulsing through your head, it’s freakin’ terrifying.

So I find myself, procrastinating like crazy and thinking of every reason possible that this course won’t be for me, that it just won’t be ‘my thing’.

The crazy thing is, it’s totally my thing.

I dance to reggaeton in my underwear in my bedroom every day for Gods sake so an actual reggaeton performance group couldn’t be closer to my thing if someone was actually inside of my head and curated a hobby for me.

Peeling myself off of my bed and closing my laptop on the endless distractions that fill the void, I decided it was as easy as taking the first step and just putting on some clothes.

When I actually got to the studio, I looked around waiting and smiling awkwardly at everyone (as you do), and I realised that maybe I wasn’t alone in my trepidation. Everyone has the same fears, the same reservations and worries and I personally would rather be part of the group of people that actually shows up for things, instead of sit and home and leave it for ‘another time’.

Of course when the class finished, and with adrenalin pumping through my whole body, I couldn’t have been happier that I actually got the balls to go. Finally, after years of pushing this nagging, inner voice to the side, I  had listened and felt the ultimate pay off.

We look at these little, somewhat insignificant tasks that we can do each day and write them off in pursuit of something bigger..something grander. What we fail to recognise, is that those little tasks are what gives you momentum and the confidence to shape your path and maybe take you in a direction that you wouldn’t be as flexible to consider otherwise.

Am I going to become a professional dancer? Look, if Maluma called and asked for backup, then yes I would consider it. But right now, I’m satisfied enough knowing that I’m contributing on a deeper level to what makes me soul happy.

When have you done the same?

If it’s been a while, then take a trip down memory lane and think about the hobbies you had when you were younger..the things you did just because. The point is not to be forceful with it, not should you strive to be the best at it. I think if we can all abandon this concept that everything must lead to something and be more open to flowing with things that come our way, we won’t be so fixated on an end result. That sense of ease and peace to me is worth showing up once a week for.

*Note this was written a few months ago, but after revisiting it I thought it was worth the cheeky post

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