Salma Hayek Pinault- Beyond The Beauty Part 2


On the set of Frida

As promised, here is part dos of Salma Hayek Pinault’s interview with Mother Oprah Winfrey. If you aren’t already up to speed, check out part uno here  so you can better understand why she should be revered as much more than a sex symbol.One of her greatest career triumphs in my opinion was her involvement with the movie Frida. I say involvement because she was so deeply attached to the project, that it transcended her starring role and was something much more spiritual. She actually had a hand in making sure they had the rights to Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera’s art, which as you can imagine would not be an easy task. Then there is also the bs she had to put up with from Harvey Weinstein for five years, so it goes without saying, that her heart was in this.

Frida Kahlo is honestly one of my main sources of inspiration, and what I loved about the way Salma portrayed her, was that she captured her strong, feminine energy so well. Aside from the fact the Weinstein wanted to make Kahlo more sexually appealing, her rawness still shined through.

On Making Frida

This to me was not a movie, it was a’s something different. I really knew and I had a lot of strange signs also, that I had to get this done. That it was an important, spiritual journey for me, that I had a contract with this story somehow before I was an actress. But also, I was not willing to do anything for it. Because when you have a calling you know it’s ‘supposed’ to happen, but you cannot get lost in the way of your own calling. You cannot lose yourself.

The Importance Of Forgiveness

Women need to apologise to themselves. They have to have this moment not to apologise no, to forgive. To forgive themselves. When you forgive yourself, you stop apologising for others. It’s important to take responsibility for the things we do to others. But we have to stop apologising for being attacked. And we must to move into a place where we can have a conversation. It is important to release the anger. I don’t want us to go from victims to angry. I don’t want our victimisation to be our motor or our anger to be our motor. That doesn’t mean that we’re not angry. I am a short Mexican, Arab, angry woman! But, I know how to channel that anger and transform it so it doesn’t blur my sight so I can see ahead, and I can use that energy transforming a motor that is productive..because anger is not productive.

Me Too, Just A Movement?

We have become aware of something. There is a lot of men who really didn’t even know there was something wrong with it. There really is. And now they are all confused..’oh my god..what am am I..what can I say what I cannot say” They’re all in a panic. I feel for some of them, but it’s a beautiful thing because they are thinking, they are taking a moment to take into consideration what would be the feeling of the other person, and this makes a change on this, who they are as a man because they are stopping to think and it’s a positive thing, anyway you slice it. It’s not only, it’s not a moment.

It gives me hope that we can change in other ways.

Its important that we don’t become cynical about our little changes, that we acknowledge our little changes, every single person changes, and also as a community that we acknowledge them and we don’t lose hope that it will continue.

The Importance Of Conviction

Conviction is very very important because you are alone in reality you are alone in life and its a beautiful place to be if you make peace with yourself, if you have a good relationship with yourself there is so much to find. There is so much to find, there are so many possibilities, we actually don’t spend enough time with ourselves and many times e fall into the trap to do things, so other people have a perception of who we are. When you do things with conviction, even failure is very bearable. We’re all afraid of failure, but if you fail trying to impress someone else of do it for others, then it’s terrible the failure, it wasn’t even really maybe what you wanted to do. But if you fail with conviction even that it’s bearable, and at the end of the day you can lie and you know bs your way through life but you’re going to end up alone one way or another, we have to make peace with this. You can have a lot of love, but the mystery of life to me, is the relationship with you and you. As long as you need the others to feel comfortable you will always suffer from anxiety. Conviction is that place where even if you make a mistake, you are at peace why you made that mistake. And mistakes are sometimes the greatest gifts that you can have.

Amen to that.

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