BLONDE- Translated to Brunette


Frank and Maria.

Even though the hype has died down, I thought I would praise Frank and his latest album Blonde in my own way. Truthfully, I’ve heard mixed responses from different people, many who are disappointed that it didn’t have the same upbeat sound as Channel Orange. The man’s a lyrical genius though and I believe that Blonde speaks so clearly and so poetically to his experiences in love and life. It’s the kind of stuff you can listen to over and over and actually need to in order to really understand the meaning behind each song. So what I’ve done is picked a few of my favourite lines and will relate them back to my own personal love stories. Read more ›

My Mati- Into The Fire

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Camp fire, our rad accommodation and Jen reflecting out into the fog.

Last weekend, I spent some time away from the city and in the wilderness with my two gal pals. Truth be told, I have a love-hate relationship with city life. On one hand, I love and crave the energy that the buzz of a city brings, while a big part of me is easily overwhelmed by too much of it. As a sensitive soul, I constantly read that nature is where I should be dwelling in my free time. Some of my fondest memories overseas were just of me walking through green paths and being surrounded by trees and not much else. Nature has the ability to provide in abundance by doing very little, whilst big cities even small ones like Brisbane, are often demanding and draining. Read more ›

Real Recognises Real- Vanny

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A contagious smile-snapped by me.

This is a new thing I’m trying out here, whereby instead of talking about me, I talk with someone I admire. I met Vanny four years ago at my Brother’s cafe, where we worked together for a few years sharing dish duty and constantly getting in trouble for talking too much. Even though she is a few years younger than me, I never noticed the gap, and honestly I wish I was half as cool as her when I was 22. Read more ›