Me, the sea and Frida- snapped and edited by @rubtorres

When starting a blog, it seems as though you have to think niche. All you need to do is come up with a concept that you like, find it’s attractive selling points to potential readers, and then market the crap out of it via social media. With the rise of more and more instant bloggers today, it seems like the world is forgetting about this old medium of writing words and having people read them.

I don’t do niche well and maybe it’s the reason why this is the third blog in my six years of blogging. Her Mati isn’t even a new concept, but simply the title taken from one of these previous attempts and just re-purposed. Originally, I had this vision to take the idea of the evil eye (‘mati’ in Greek), and talk about all the ways I was held back by own version like through my experiences with an eating disorder. But then I sort of realised that I didn’t want to be confined to one topic, and as much as I liked to write about things that ail me I didn’t particularly want to do it all the time. In saying that, just like me, this blog doesn’t know what it wants to be yet, and that’s fine.

So instead of turning Her Mati into it’s literal translation, I thought I would give you a blog about observations I have about a lot of things. From snaps I take on the weekend to interviews with people that really intrigue me, it’s a website entirely from my eye (s) to yours. Maybe you’ll like it enough to become a follower, or maybe you’ll just skim parts that take your fancy every now and then.

Either way, welcome to my new home on the internet. Her Mati is a blog for real people who want to read things that inspire their own curiosity. I vow never to promote teeth whitening products or teas that make you go to the bathroom a lot, but I do promise to give you a genuine insight into the world around you.

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