What I learnt- 6 Months of Travel


Waiting time- snapped by meĀ in some airport..somewhere.

Last year I made a split decision that would have a pretty big effect on the rest of my year. After spending many months being unhappy in my general life situation, one night I found myself driving past an adventure store and promptly did an illegal U-turn to try and make my way to it. Half an hour later, I walked out with a backpack and idea that I would be spending some time backpacking through South America. Yes it was impulsive, and I’m sure many people would have lumped me into the typical Gen Y-eternal-wanderlust seeking category, but I didn’t really care. Nor did I particularly care that my parents weren’t too pleased about the whole idea, and that I would be putting my non-existent career on hold to go chase some South-American fantasy. I made a choice that felt so intuitively right at the time that all of thatĀ outside noise just seemed irrelevant. Read more ›

My Mati- Why Blue Is the Warmest And Coldest Colour


Venus after Botticelli by Yin Xin and blended with my hand because I like the colour of my nail polish and it’s sort of relevant.

The colour blue is calming, often reminding us of places we’ve been that make us feel still and at ease. Whether facing the sea, looking up at the sky or maybe sitting in a painted room, it soothes the soul instantly. There’s a darker side to the coolness of blue however, an aloofness that doesn’t have to be seen. We can feel the sharp, crisp sting of this calming hue, all the while mistaking it for tranquility. You see I love the colour blue, I just hate to feel it as deeply as I do. Read more ›

People & Places- Alma Mexicana

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A musician and beautiful singer performing at AM

Nothing makes me happier then when someone brings the love they have for their culture and connects it to a business. That’s exactly what Carla Esquivel did when she created her boutique Alma Mexicana which translates to Mexican Soul. When I went along to her Paddington store last Friday for a special Frida Kahlo night, it didn’t take long to see just how much heart Carla had injected into her business. For starters each piece is designed and made by Native Mexicans so you’re not only getting something authentic but you’re also supporting a local initiative. Read more ›



Me, the sea and Frida- snapped and edited by @rubtorres

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