Words with- ‘C’


The All Seeing Eye- Taken and badly drawn be me.

I always find it interesting, when I see myself in younger girls. When they tell me their fears, their concerns and their hangups, I see that I was and in some ways still am the same as they are. The only thing that’s changed as I’ve gotten older, is this great thing called perspective. It allows me to see how silly it was when I was 22, that I was so concerned with having my life all the way together.  Read more ›

My Weight Should Not Be Your Concern

‘Look at your legs’

‘Just don’t lose anymore weight, ok?’

I could hear the concern in her voice as she said it, and as a regular customer at the cafe I work at, I know she really meant no harm.

But her words stuck with me, as well as everyone else’s who had commented that I looked thinner recently.

Truthfully, it was not an intentional weight loss, as had been my first serious diet at 20 that spiralled into a seven year eating disorder.

 Back then, I had tried to lose unnecessary weight, and restricted myself of food so much that I developed a binge eating disorder.

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My Mati- Why It’s OK Not To Be OK


Arachova, Greece DEC 2016.

In today’s online world, it seems that in order to measure ‘success’ it has to be visible to others. Whether it’s a certain amount of followers, a fitness goal or maybe an overseas move, if it isn’t shared openly, somehow it’s deemed less valid. Every now and then I like to go off the grid whereby I either deactivate my Facebook for a little while, or I stop looking at Instagram every few minutes.Maybe I could stand to use social media differently, but I can’t help but feel bombarded by the hundreds of different messages I receive everyday via my news feed. It often leaves the window to greener pastures wide open, and one can’t help but compare their life choices to the one’s made in the images they see. Read more ›

Why We Need To Stop Stalking People (Virtually).


A still from the movie Single White Female- we all know how that ends..

Come on, be real. Everyone is guilty of a sneaky stalk here and there on social media. It’s usually a person you’ve dated that you don’t want to delete altogether in fear of seeming childish, or a girl you ‘kinda’ know who conveniently keeps her IG on public. Read more ›

Can’t We All Just Get Along?


Drawn by my very own gal-pal Vanshika Sinh for The One Woman Project. If you wish to reproduce this amazing work of art, please don’t be a dick and REFERENCE her.

Energy is an interesting thing when you’re a particularly sensitive person like myself. You can feel it instantly, especially when someone introduces themselves with a smile, but you know it’s not what they really mean. Read more ›

When The Nice Guy Wins

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

There is a misconception going around, that nice guys always finish last. These are the kind of guys that carefully take into consideration how a girl feels, usually being the friend first before they show any kind of interest.

And it’s a tricky place to be in, because usually they are the sensitive type, not likely to puff out their chest and think with their penis. So naturally, as women, we tend to look past them and stick to what we know, focusing our attention on the ones that deserve it least. Read more ›

Why You Don’t Owe Your Choices



Processed with VSCO with b1 presetPeople love giving advice on what they think you should do. I come from a loud and proud Greek family, so believe me, I know this to be very true. But sometimes, advice can also mask itself as judgement, based on the values a person has and thinks you should have too.  This can be especially hard when you grow up in a certain environment, only to find yourself growing away from it and moving into something different. To throw a spanner into the works, you find yourself lost amongst different groups within this environment. For your reading pleasure, I have separated these and will list below.

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A Story About a Bird

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Snapped by me from my balcony. I love it when you have photos that match perfectly..

At times you need the words of someone else, to better describe how you feel. Enter author Paulo Coelho, who despite not being everyone’s cup of tea, is someone with a true gift for taking the complexity of life and narrating them in his own magical and relatable way. One book of his that I particularly like, is Eleven Minuets, about small-town girl Maria (oh the irony), and the lengths she will go to in order to leave her home in Brazil and become ‘successful’. Without ruining too much, she does leave, and instead of becoming a famous model gets lured into the world of prostitution in the picturesque city of Geneva, Switzerland. I’d like to share an exert from the book, which although speaks highly about love, to me spoke volumes about something else.

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Why We Need To Stop Waiting


Standard chat with my Brother.

It hit me suddenly, and quite unexpectedly; a realisation that summed up my dating life for the past four years.

I have always been a romantic at heart, the kind of cliché that laps up terrible Rom-Coms and believes the best in the worst kind of situations. Being even more of a typical single-girl, last night I went to the movies by myself, to see the not-so-terrible Italian film The Space Between. In a nutshell, the film follows ex-chef Marco, as he tries to come to grips with the loss of his best friend Claudio after he’s killed suddenly in a car crash. When Aussie girl Olivia, comes to his home-town Udine, everything is shaken the hell up, and she becomes the ray of sunshine he didn’t know he needed. Read more ›

BLONDE- Translated to Brunette


Frank and Maria.

Even though the hype has died down, I thought I would praise Frank and his latest album Blonde in my own way. Truthfully, I’ve heard mixed responses from different people, many who are disappointed that it didn’t have the same upbeat sound as Channel Orange. The man’s a lyrical genius though and I believe that Blonde speaks so clearly and so poetically to his experiences in love and life. It’s the kind of stuff you can listen to over and over and actually need to in order to really understand the meaning behind each song. So what I’ve done is picked a few of my favourite lines and will relate them back to my own personal love stories. Read more ›